Over the last twenty tears, we have build key expertise in software engineering and architecture, cloud operation, devops and agile project management.

Software Architecture

Align business domain knowledge with technical architecture throug Domain Driven Design methodologies.

Backend Development

Develop cloud-native micro-service oriented backend with the Java/Spring stack.

Cloud Architecture

Automate deployment and management of large scale cloud based infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.


Bridge the gap between software development and operations through a common language, best practices and automation.

Agile Management

Support the development team through Agile Software development such as Scrum.

Big Data & Analytics

Automate tasks thorugh machine learning, in particular with TensorFlow.


Laurent Eschenauer is the kind of guy that writes software on Sunday afternoon because it is fun. He has a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Liège and from the University of Maryland. He has since then worked as a research and development engineer and IT management consultant in both startups and large organization. With an entrepreneur mindset, Laurent co-founded two startups, and is sharing his passion for entrerpreneurship in multiple startup coaching programs.


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